Our Mission

We have been in the business of Cricket Tours for the past many years & have good Sound knowledge of the Game which helps us understand the requirements of participating teams for a Tour. Our chief promoters have really worked hard for almost more than a decade to set up the business very well, so this year we have started a Company which will carry out various Sports Tour around the world with Professionalism & a different tour experience all together for the travelers. Excellent arrangements of accommodation with Matches in an Overseas Country gives the young aspiring Sportspersons a wider exposure about the Game & help them in acquiring more knowledge and make good friends for themselves for future Sporting activities. Sports Tour Managers: One of the most challenging fields where full Tour depends on the set-up & arrangement of the tour right from the beginning till the end of a Tour. That\'s why we have one of the few most experienced & hard-working Tour Manager\'s who understand the requirements of a Tour. 

Sanjay Khamkar: A professional Cricketer at Mumbai District Level with a cricketing experience of more than 28 years under his belt. Has played the game with one of the few Best Indian & International Cricketer\'s in the world, & knows what it is being like a Cricketer to get a chance to Tour and play few Matches in a Country abroad. He has been actively involved in organizing Cricket & Football tours for the past many years. 
Mehul Nandu: An excellent Cricketer & a avid traveler with his immense knowledge of Destinations and a Passion of Cricket, has toured many times abroad on Cricketer tours & Football tours make your travel look as Simple as possible with all necessary arrangements with great enthisiam.